16 January 2012

WEEK SIX. conversation by clair and helen

"This earth, this world can never be healthy as long as this distinction exists between men and women.  And this world can never be at peace as long as this burning fire rages inside while we sit tightly on it.....This fire burns, it turns our life into ashes.  

I say to you that if you come to understand this fire, it is not an enemy.  It is a friend.  If you come to understand this fire,  it will not burn you.  It can warm your homes in winter, it can cook your food, it can be helpful, and it can become your friend in life."

Osho from his book 'sex matters'.

                                                                        ~ ~ ~

it seems to me, whenever something powerful exists, it has the capacity to be something life-enhancing or something life-depricating.  and in either way, and for the least,  when something  is powerful, its effects are nearly always meaningful.  

what shall we do with this fire?  warm our hands or burn our houses down?

 To understand the fire.....I suppose I am coming to see how much it is a matter of choice, in who we let into our lives, how we share ourselves with them, what we allow or disallow, what we give time to, who and what we nurture, how we nurture our own inner fires. I see fire as a healthy friend, even when it wants to destroy, we need to give it space to burn away what doesn't need to be in our lives anymore, what isn't serving us. Fire can work gently, disintegrating slowly, burning out quietly. It doesn't have to be ferocious although if we forget to honour it's potential it can quickly and easily put us at its mercy.
So somewhere we have responsibility, to tend the fire, to watch over it, to feed or water it when it needs. To love and give space to its power and life. 
mmm....i tend to agree, in fact i dont think that any emotion is destructive.  i feel that all emotions exsist to give equilibrium and harmony to the emotional body.  every emotion.  but also that we can, like anything, abuse an emotion - overuse it, (or underuse it) or use it in a destructive way when it has really come to heal. 

the physical body has its thousand and one ways to heal.  ways we know nothing about - quietly and carefully and without actual awareness but with ultimate knowing, our body heals us.  again and again.  before we even feel ill.  
and we can oppress or disallow, abuse or let take over,  either type of healing.  

its about trust.  its about my trust in me. its about your trust in you. we are here to be well.  ....as my friend said recently (and i said to you) ' life loves us'. 

 I wanted to come back to the second line about sitting tightly on a fire, I wondered why we would do this within our ownselves.. to live tightly?.. to control, subdue or maintain a fire at an optimum level seems sensible but there's a fine line between how much we want and need sensibility in our own lives and how much it may be healthier to let our fires come to full fruition.

I'm really glad for my last relationship, as even though it was really hard work I found a place to fully reach my own fire and let it burn and come to full in some of the ways it needed to. Like any fire, it slowly coiled back and died down and now there's just a few embers left waiting to be resparked again. But we can spark our own fires. I feel like I'm done with waiting. Somehow we need responsibility to keep our own fires warm and sit on them as tightly or as loosely as we like. :)

indeed - ive never felt more true to this sentiment myself...that its me!. alone!  that i am the only one who i can (and should try) to take responsibility for!  the only flower who i can truely truely water... and its almost a surprise.  when i have been searching so long for another.

and of course, all the 'me's' are very special.  we each have one and they are our very special dancing partner.  dancing from the inside out.

how shall i be? what will enable peace in me?  what will enable the kind of  life my body and heart searches? and hard will i try?  its up to me! and its up to you for you!! how wonderfully correct!!  horrah!!!!*+ !

Ways I kindle my fire these days....
Helping my friend Jane with her allotment
'She rides' :

Getting involved with the work of Persephone Pearl, attending funerals for lost species :
How do you nurture your fire? 

lost species funerals sounds like a good project, fun and sad and strange and very sad because some species will never be seen or able to walk their little feet on this earth again.  and maybe they had something good to say?

as for me, talking things through with myself is a good one - i think i'd go mad without it or else feel a lot less clear.  and i like clearness * * * connectng with things - in music and writing, in sharing * * * hope.  that gets me through a large amount. * * *   dreams - they get me through when hope's having a day off  * * * and serrendering to the arms of sleep.  a different journey not bound by the same limitations as other life and very very  very very relaxing.  what a dream!!!

are you enjoying this helen? :)  i am :)
clair x

yeah thanks, nice way to connect with you over a week. Might have a look at the book now... x


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