9 January 2012

WEEK FIVE. conversation by clair and kathy

"Can it be that the very soul of human beings, is trying to give birth to a better human being, a greater human being, a superhuman being?".

Osho from his book 'sex matters'.

                                                                        ~ ~ ~

im feeling, over many thousands of years...a massive passage of tiime, the human being might give birth to a more peaceful and creative human. one who is looking at the sun.  one is looking from her heart.  one who is giving rather than counting. one who is dripping love like an angel....

I do sometimes wonder.  Are we any different from our ancestors?  There still seems to be so much anger, hate and pain in this world.  And yet ... yet things do improve.  Things do get better. Slowly. We, as human beings, are less tolerant of injustice, hate and persecution.  We strive for better.  We try to imbue better for our children and their children.  As I write I feel a wave of optimism. We are, slowly, becoming better human beings.  At the end of the day all we ever want is peace.  It's a long time coming, we may stumble and fall and get hurt on the way, but, I don't feel it's a fantasy.  I feel that with love and patience we can become greater human beings.
'giving birth to a better human being' ....such a lovely idea isnt it, its tiny progress - with as many wars as exsist on our planet earth right now, it would have to be, but maybe, like pebbles, over zillions of years turn, into fine sand beneath our feet, the world will slowly have its edges filed off and become as sweet and the day itself was born.  and like a baby its will cry for all its wounds and the people will hold hands round the whole world, and in union peace will be born in each of our hearts with earth smiling through each plant and animal it touches.

we are the earths eyes.  through us it sees.  how it feels we must feel. 

Each one of us are but mere pebbles on the beach.  This is humbling.  To think that each of us, with all our relationships, jobs, families, dramas, lives, are just mere pebbles on a beach and all that we think is so grand and important is, in fact, of no significance at all.  We can become so embroiled with things; new clothes, the latest, must have, gadget, surgical procedures to so we build ourselves to our image.  It's so crass, boring, insubstantial.  When I walk amongst nature; see the each season in turn, and what it has to offer, hear the birdsong, I am reminded that I am part of a bigger whole.  I am but a pebble on the beach.  All that can be strived for is progress, not perfection.  And progress is being made, slowly and surely. And with each turning of the page perfection comes a tiny step nearer. Much is talked about the human condition - we are very often powerless. Yet...the human soul cries out for more and I do believe that the soul shall triumph.  Our dreams shall come to light.
mmm...nice like mice :) 
i'm on a productivity high (good mood because of  doing lots of things on your to do list)
yum again.
im also on a health high (good health following flu or some other heath difficulty) and although i still have a nasty cough deep in my throat i am able to have a health high beacuse its all relative;)
what small things are doing it for you at the moment kathy pebble ? :)

Fat as a rat by the bins of the Savoy :) (I over did the festivities a bit.  But it was great.)
Cherishing my spare tyre, accepting and loving me as I am, crows feet, cellulite, laughter lines an all.  Adds a bit character me thinks.  
The bare branches of trees silhouetted against the sky, birdsong, tips of daffodils poking through the earth, cream cakes, warm scented baths; my cat, curled up and purring on my knee, cream cakes.  Chopping winter vegetables for a comforting stew, watching the birds from my kitchen window.  Oh, have I mentioned cream cakes?
These are a few of my favourite things that keep me going through the winter months.
they were a real pleasure to read :)
everybodies special secret life...i saw the first sign of daffodiles popping through the earth today...they think it must be spring.  but its not.  its janruary and  winter has still got its hat on, though its been wearing it very modestly this year i must admit although the air is a little cooler today.  but the sun is a little warmer so it probably equals itself out.  emotionally anyway.  yes you did mention cream cakes ;)  what is it about eating - how it becomes more and more enjoyable as we get older ?... im sure i was never really bothered  about food when i was younger, but these days am bothered. and i am thinking about it.  full fridge satisfaction leading to full tum satisfaction. ;)
everything changes.  every cycles. and i enjoy things i never used to pay concern to.  i remember my nanna offereing me £30 for fruit and vegetables when i was a kid.  i was so disappointed i thought she may as well have not bothered!  vegetables i thought!!  what a waste of spending money!!!   my mum gives me them for free!!!  ungrateful little sprog clearly.  but then she got me at the wrong time.  these days i would smile my pants off to be given £30 to spend on fruits and vegetables ;)
your nest sounds nice, your kitchen window.  i am hoping for a new safer one soon.

Thirty squid to spend on fruit and veg! What a feast that would be.  I wouldn't have been very impressed as a child either. I'd much preferred money for black jacks, flying saucers, liquorice wheels, gob stoppers and spangles.  The old cliché about tastes changing as we get older is so true.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I enjoy much simpler things these days.  I suspect I enjoy food more these days is because I have to go out, get it, prepare it and cook it.  I enjoy eating out because I don't have to go out, buy it, prepare it and cook it.  I just eat it ;)
I've attempted growing veg, not very successfully it has to be said, but I have experienced a squeak of joy at fresh spuds at the table or rocket in my salad.

Yesterday, as I stood a beam of sunshine outside work, a bee buzzed by and sat on the wall.  The poor thing seemed disorientated, fooled by the brief sunny spell.  Yes, it is only January and although it's mild I can't help but wonder, Is winter trying to lull us into a sense of false security only  strike with a vengeance?  Who knows? I certainly don't.  I'm just enjoying the blue skies and rays of sun.  It makes me smile. 

I enjoy the changing of seasons, the cycles of change.  Each has it's beauty, something to offer. Winter is no longer something to be got through but enjoyed.  A wise man once said to me, "Enjoy, not endure." Sadly, he passed away a few years ago, but I'm so glad I knew him, he enriched my life.

I hope you find a safer new nest soon.  One you can line with feathers (Or whatever takes your fancy.) and make cosy and enjoy.
thank you kathy pebble, it has been a real pleasure writing with you over this week :)) 
'enjoy not endure'. 
my sentiments exactly ! (although i can be a complaining old licorice allsort ! ! ;) )  hee hee
clair X

Thank you Clair.  It's been wonderful.

Kathy xxx

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