21 November 2011

WEEK TWO. conversation by clair and mark

" More love can be seen, in the birds, animals and plants, who have no religion or culture, than in humans.  More love can be seen in the backward tribesman of the jungles - who have no developed religion, cilvilization or culture - than in the so-called progessive, cultured, and civilized people of today."
Osho from his book 'sex matters".
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i love osho but osho, for me,  can be a little mean....i have been reading his book 'sex matters' and the exert seen here is one of the more positive ones.  in this book, he claims there is no love in the humans of today and none neither over the last ten thousand years and none due in the next ten thousand.

osho does support the idea that humans are not exactly to blame but points his finger at culture and religion as the culprits for poisoning humans to which it feeds.  i feel too, that mass media - tv being a big player - and society,  including its obsession around money, power and greed, are indeed poisons and ones which are taken in large doses by masses of the worlds people.

but i feel too,  that humans have complete and perfect potential to love and live in truely loving and harmonic ways.

imagine, a human is born.  you know nothing about humans but you are told that they have 5 senses : touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste and they have been born onto a world of fresh water, seas and fertile planes.....by a sinple touch, physically or though words or gesture,  people can feel good, free, alive and loved.

our potential is staggering..

i once heard someone say that if it was just a very small world and one that we could hold in the palm of our  hand, maybe we could take care of it better.  but people have got segregated and lost in its giganticness giddyness..... in its conditioning...  its mass media and its culture and have entirly lost their way.

but this is not the only way.  it will not take an army.   it will take responsible, sober, and thoughtful  individuals to stand up and be what their kindest dreams show.

I dont know who osho is.

I suppose what feels so loving about nature (birds, trees animals etc) is that it is unconditional, non-judgemental and completely accepting of itself and who we are. Nature is never bothered about what clothes we wear, how our hair looks etc. Which are elements of love. 

But nature is also selfish, competitive and uncompromising. 

It just is. 

If we were not civilised and living in judgeful society, we could never experience nature as completely accepting.

I believe you cant fully experience what something is, without experience what it isnt.

Its all love.

Its us, humans, who change its character by the way we interact with it. Our reality is a mirror of what is going on inside our own hearts and minds. 

You have to leave something to know you want it.

You have to lose something to find it

yes, the unjudgemental aspect of nature is quite badass  i must admit ;)  ...nature is not bothered about hair style, nail varnish or toe colour or going on trips abroad to search for the sun.

how different it it from us...our needs and desires  ....

do you like clothes?  are some attractive?  can some even bring a physical response or a heart felt one? 

its not wrong.  its differnt. what turns us on.  what brightens and clouds our day.  that things can brighten or cloud our day. 

do i like clothes?

Yeah I suppose that I do. And I do like certain clothes over others. 

Am I making this choice on my own?

I dont care enough about my appearance, not to go along with what is considered mainstream. A reason to wear what I would consider nice clothes is to look attractive, to women, but also to people around me.I think you have to accept that we all make judgements on a persons appearance. I wouldnt deny myself the opportunity to look 'better', by wearing clothes that I think will achieve that.

I choose how to respond to things around me and I have a choice how to treat myself. 

I have become more aware of how I treat myself and how I speak to myself automatically or subconsciencely So i must make a conscience effort to be more loving towards myself. 

Im trying not to give myself such a hard time.Try and be the best person I can be, but accept that I am where I am.

Some days are just hard on the heart, for whatever reason.
mmm...very sensible.... yesterday i took part in a group meditation where we had to lye down and imagine our bodies being burned after we dye...it was a very unusual task and unusual to imagine - from our feet to our head all burnt and turning into ashes...and not so we could  feel the pain or sadness of such an event but on the contray,  simply  the relief of not needing to feel pain - of the heart or the flesh...of not needing to take care of our body and  the freedom that that brings...and then  to imagine ourselves as only sprit, free as a soul bird and as content as a blade of deep green grass....
as content as a blade of deep green grass

That sounds lovely.

Here is a poem by a fella called Ryokan:

The flower invites the butterfly with no mind
The butterfly visits the flower with no mind
The flower opens, the butterfly comes
The butterfly comes, the flower opens
I dont know others
They dont know me
By not knowing, we follow natures course
i very much like the first four lines of this poem
yes, blades of deep green grass are lush. 

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