28 November 2011

WEEK THREE. conversation by clair and sean

"The ganges flows from the himalayas.  It is natrual for it to flow; it is alive, it has water, it will flow and it will find the ocean.  It will not ask a policemen or a priest for directions to the ocean.  Have you ever sen a river standing at a crossroads asking a policeman where the ocean is? No, the search for the ocean is hidden in its being.  And it has energy so....the river will surely find it.

But suppose dams are crated in her way?  Suppose high walls are contructed all around the river.  What then?  A river overcomes and breaks through natrual barriers, but if barriers of human engineering are created, then it is possible that she may not reach the ocean".

Osho from his book 'sex matters'.

                                                                        ~ ~ ~

harmony, love and finding our way are natrual ways of being.   loving our earth, ourselves and each other is a natural path.  every morning i wake to a different kind of world.  me too, am now part of the dam which has been made.  maybe i can  reform it slightly, change its colour or its energy just a little bit.  all of us, individually and ultimately together, could transform the whole world, in a moment.

If I ask others 'will the sun rise tomorrow?' they always seem emphatically assured it will for the nature they attribute, knows no limitations outside themselves....but should I ask 'will world peace happen today?' they tell me as sure as the sun will rise that it shall not be (if ever) in their lifetimes. We are masters of our own limitations, imprisoning our imagination which longs to frolic amongst the stars, to play servant to a limited understanding of who we are and thereby what we could actually achieve in this single, eternal, and precious moment, pregnant with possibility.  Perhaps, if we answered our hopes and dreams - not from who we construct ourselves to be, but from allowing ourselves to speak from who we authentically are, as sure as dragon-flys effortlessly dancing and making love on the pond of a sweet spring morning, we could be cradling and sustaining world peace in our very hands, right here, right now, and in the blink of an eye.   
good work sean, and may i ask, will the sun, when it rises tomorow, be world peace?

For whom does it rise?

When time dawns for the sun of inevitability, in the light of the truth, we see world peaces primacy (amongst all other dreams) was also in our hands all along - never lost and never truly forgotten. Awakened, not then could the shadows in our hearts and minds obscure us from openly honouring and nurturing this perennial part of ourselves from which all else follows to fruition; even in the darkest moments. 

For in truth and hind-sight, such realisation would be less a serendipitous discovery, but auspicious remembrance of who we are: A candle flame, standing steadfast and bright, unhindered by the frightening maelstrom of an brief but unforgiving blustery night in the wet forest.

Such a flame, inspires others, and inevitably lights up the whole world wherever one peers, carrying with it solace, comfort, and nourishing kindness for all creatures above and below from which it reflects and generates in all directions. World peace as such is inescapable, and it's antithesis merely a passing exception, or a dissolving cloud.

paralemptor x

god yeah!  ....  the fact that we have managed to avoid peace for so long long is almost uncalculatable...!!!  that we have missed this ongoing opportunity to live peace....!  if only every one knew....!!   i think we are under an umbrella of difficulites in the world on the one hand and also under a kind of 'learnt helplessness' umbrella - the notion that the world has to be this way...

how can everyone get to know that if just each tiny weeny individual planted peaceful days in their gardens  then the whole world would be peaceful?
maybe we could send postcards round through letterboxes or maybe we could start a facebook page?  
or maybe the shining face of the sun, or stars or moon, will one day tell everyone of the secret of peace.  that if we all stop 'fighting' in our many different ways and shades, peace will avail without any special reciepe or plan.

Osho was telling a story, in the book that the passages for this chapter are taken, about a scultptor whos onlooker was enquiring where the sculpture was cos all she could see was a greak hunk of stone.  the sculptor replied that the sculpture was already in there inside, waiting, and just the correct pieces needed to be chipped and taken away and there there would be the shinning scupture in all its light and and beauiful glory.

Lovely Clair :)

Yes the obscurations are everywhere, not least in the premises of our perceptions. To bridge the veil thats formed between our facsimile and our authentic nature may happen in any instant at any time, and logically is happening at every moment. It seems there is no one path to doing it, there are as many as there are people....and more. 

It's as if the nature of reality all around is crying the song of the same eternal story in its multitude of variations, writhing between the orgiastic pleasure and pain of simulated seperation. Which it is! - and that song and story emanates from us too, should we take the profound opportunity to face it in the mirror, see it, and behold it.

I sense that regardless of the predictions of skeptics or prophets alike, a great wave of truth for humanity is already upon us. Crashing in around us faster than any tsunami of rocket fire and ignorance currently making the news. It's a story, and we are all tellers of that story as well as its actors. As each layer of illusion dissolves in this incredible time to witness, it shall expose another beneath it waiting to reveal more secrets. 

These times will happen only notably at certain times in history-books, and we are privileged in many ways to be here in the front seats, if only for a momentary lifetime, to feel the flood water come rushing between our toes.

I liked the story of Oshos sculptist. It reminded me of a story my mother told me once, of when she took me to the zoo, and took an elephant right up to me - I wasn't bothered at first because all I could see was a grey wall in front of me. It wasn't until she pointed out to me that I was looking at one if four enormous legs suspending a tremendously expansive creature above me that I burst in to tears.

As always I fail to be brief, and simultaneously feel like I've never said enough.


paralemptor x

 yes, ignorance can be bliss ;)  i refer to the greyness you saw until you realised it was a huge animals colour and  who  eventually scaced you.  it also reminds me that there are many people who arent thinking about all these things, who also arent thinking that we are withn a special moment, or a moment of revolution, about 20/12 , about the notion of conspiracy., the idea that the govenment  might have investied interests,  people who do not have these ideas in their consciousness and thinking.

arnd maybe, if your mind isnt in these places, the world is already at peace?  ( except for the little bit of turmoil found on the news on tv....?)  

we are all our own sculptures

Hi Clair, how are you? 

We are indeed our own sculptures, to the point that we are allow our sculptures to take ownership of who we believe ourselves to be. It is in actuality, the closest to a self fulfilling prophecy as one can get.

I suspect that human kind goes through waves of intense collective awareness at times, so intense that it appears to break the surface of our everyday existence like a giant leviathan coming up for air after aeons of resting on the ocean floor. At other times it is not seen for centuries, or visits only in the depths of individual dreams where it is safe from regular ostensible recognition. For such periods, ignorance is a kind of bliss, and to wear knowledge can often seem a curse for many.

The process of emergence from this slumber I find particularly fascinating, particularly as it appears in the collective awareness. I'm reminded of the many versions of ’Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ which illustrate through the various remakes, different ways that an awakening like this can occur. Despite all the rewards such a process can promise, there is much fear, paranoia, alienation, and internal doubt that can play havoc with the well being of those going through it. Metaphorically or not, there is a kind of fatality to it, a death to face.

Perhaps the clearest litmus test for this kind of internal struggle showing itself to be present is in the way our civilisation has reflected itself in the absence of wholeness - we are bound by division everywhere we look - there are locks and keys on everything and we are increasingly polarised to extremes; we suffer from a great mistrust of ourselves while participating with each other. Of course we know this wasnt always the case, our grandparents or even parents will happily recount the days when we left the house unlocked, or we allowed our children to walk unaccompanied to school- things we could now easily regard as fool hardy in the current climate.

To get really esoteric I'd go as far as suggesting that our predatory nature, once put to use for warding off sabre tooth tigers and eating mammoth, has now turned in on itself, and we now predate on each other, and ultimately on ourselves. Our entire system is predatory, we are trained to compete and compare, to gain a mafia monopoly, and yet we are astonished when the fruits of such a system shows no mercy to us as individuals. It's incredibly Faustian.

It looks as if the humble man and woman, originally perhaps, gentle gardeners of spaceship earth have been highjacked, their minds sullied by some cosmic trauma, and in the brief absence of mind lost a piece of themselves in the stars. But it has happened many times before, and it will happen again. Consigned to walk the earth, dig, mine, set up shop, and toil for millennia under a strange possession compelled by an idea that somewhere 'out there' lies the comfort and happiness they once knew.

It's the intensely alien nature of all this behaviour that makes me suspect some kind of monkey business is at play which is never dared spoken of. I'm not saying that animals don't enact genocide or even ecocidal tendencies - because they surely do, but in the fine print of some of life's organisms there are specific key observations that can be made that I think point the way to some earth shattering implications if we look at them. As such, I think sometimes a healthy open mindedness and interest in parasitology can be potentially quite enlightening.


paralemptor x

but hasnt the sun brought with her world peace....she has risen on 5 occassions since we spoke?

... i was at a punk/ska gig last nite, sometimes the sounds were like war and i actually  found it quite funny, it kinda blew the cobwebs away i would imagine...

my hair was particularly clean and tidy and i was alone.  some nice man spoke to me and offered me some of his cloudy cider.  he reminded me of iain curtis of joy division, that kind of 80's bomber jacket stylee, he told me he would be playing guitar in the next band but it was funny, he was actually the singer..... the nice guy making polite conversation with the cloudy cider became the punk hero with the lyrics on the mic - a perfect, strong and funny transformation.

thats what the suns gotta do, spit some lyrics and get as all to turn round, burn up all our greed in one single moment and leave only our peaceful sculptures,  the bit in the middle, all badass and goodass and loving and real.

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