7 May 2012

WEEK TEN. conversation by clair and outi

"We have all seen coal many times.  Scientists say that over a perieod of thousands of years coal is transformed into diamonds.  A diamond is the transformed manifestation of a piece of coal..."
Osho from his book 'sex matters'.

~ ~ ~

coal plus thousands of years history, wisdom, and evolution.  if only everything, given the test of time, would become so clear and from every direction,  shinning...

Hi Clair,
Here I am talking to you...

This reminded me of the making of pearls which is likely to have involved pain in their creation. ("Almost any shelled mollusk can, by natural processes, produce some kind of "pearl" when an irritating microscopic object becomes trapped within the mollusk's mantle folds” as stated in Wikipedia). When it comes to living beings the only meaningful explanation for the existence of pain I can find - am desperate to find - is that something else is being created via it; it has, perhaps, an evolutionary or spiritual goal. So – if that was the case, the horrendous suffering and pain experienced by so many living creatures when "alive" would mean that all that might not be in vain... 

hi outi, 
oooo gosh, those little shelled mollusks...some tiny irritation which comes in and makes them into a pearl,,,kind of sinister...or a devil in disguise!
 ...certainly i feel that people who have had it 'too' easy can lack in some way,,,,that the 'suffering' brings in its' hands  depth or understanding/compassion or empathy 
 ...there is light around a dark cloud because of its darkness... but maybe its when we find depth and meaningfulness in peace and wellness that we can really start our living ... ?
clair .)
Clair - It was interesting to have your response "maybe its when we find depth and meaningfulness in peace and wellness that we can really start our living ...". Yes - peace and wellness...how to achieve them. I have now myself reached the evening of my life and the speediness and fleeing of  your - in this case of mine (English language is quite weird at times requiring its passive expressions) - personal life time on this earth is now very present in my mind. When I was in my 20's - a long time ago - I fell in love with Japanese haikus. I am translating from Finnish into English (very freely with no Haiku rhythm) the one which has vividly stayed in my memory throughout all these decades since I read it first:
"Life here
 is like the reflection of the moon.
You take it onto your palm,
you blow into it;
it does not exist."
mmmm.......have you read the tiny book called 'snow' ...its about a young man who spends his time writing haikus and, for me is very beautiful.  i can find out the author.  i lent my copy to my new friend recently.
yes life is a series of moments, each moment bringing  a little bit more knowing (or a little bit more unknowing)...a little bit more repair (or a little bit more damage), a little bit more love (or a little bit more loss)
....i am nearly 38.  i wouldnt like to go backwards.  it has been a little bit of a struggle.  i am getting somewhere.  where i want to be.  to the snuggle ;).  
and in someways i am here.  more than ever.  with quite a beautiful little nest and some love to put in it.... 

and holding it here....when its arms have to be so frail, building up so it can stand and sing on its own, i will endevour to do, being open enough to sense the moon and being closed enough to ride the storm...or maybe you have to be open to the storm?....so it can blow right through you and not blow into you....mmmm!  
chimmneys probably know,  they are mostly closed but a little bit open and with a passage all the way through... and have a fire at the bottom to keep them warm...

I felt the warmth of your writing. I am so much longing for warmth. It has been so grey. So much grey in my life at the moment. I'm not quite sure what colour grey really represents...because it is so grey (!). The only positive "grey" seems to be the "grey matter" and I just have believe it exists as it is invisible to me. I NEED some warm red stuff NOW but it seems to fade me or I am not looking for it with sufficient determination. I can, however, feel it running in my veins. God - please let me have a non-grey day.

im glad you felt the warmth :)  it is a great element to long for indeed - warmth - in all its many shades of reds and oranges and goldens and light browns...it sounds like you are in a very honoured place outi, when the warmth or red is running in your veins, you are there, in the right place...but indeed the world doesnt always support the warmth and love lines of the people...but as long as its there, like a kite, it has the chance to fly, when the correct wind comes, gentle and lifting, and the more we lift, the more we can lift.....
on the colour theme,  have you heard about the 'red tent' events, im going to forward you the details, they look very sacred and safe and warm...

Hi Clair,

I really have loved your writing talking. It is beautifully spontaneous and seems to come straight from your heart...thank you.

i have enjoyed very much writing with you ... your honesty and your sharing in words, thank you, clair <3

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