16 May 2011

album cover, leonard cohen from 'songs of love and hate', 1971

CHAPTER TWO - Leonard Cohen

WEEK EIGHT. conversation by clair and jes



"And what can I tell you, my brother, my killer, What can I possibly say?
I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you, I'm glad you stood in my way"
lenoard cohen

~ ~ ~

"whoever meets me will kill me!"   Mr Cohen, Mr Priest do you think you are the ghost of Abel the Shepherd? Then I will be Cain,  Qaheen the vegan son from Eden...son of Adam or the Serpent either way, the one who stayed with the original plan that 'Elohim'  gave mankind the fruits of the Earth to eat and the seed bearing plants.  Abel the Shepherd went against this- the first step of mankind losing contact with the innocent terror of Eden, the losing of contact with Nature, with animals being turned from companion status into a resource status. By the book of Leviticus the priests, the Cohenim are given detailed instructions of how to eat animals. The Tribe has truly fallen. Cohen! You and I are dead by now. The Mark of Qaheen has been surgically removed with the rest of our excuses. I don't need your forgiveness. You fucked up. And yes, I stood in your way- but you stood in the way of LIFE ITSELF. I could not set you straight. Fool. Now our children all suffer. Where's that candlestick maker? SETH!!

indeed, those that pertray, pertray everyone and mostly and excruciatingly, themselves.  we can live and learn but we can not sacrifice life, sacrify animals, and our beautiful life giving earth again again again and again for our own greed/habit and egocentric concern.  it is not in peace. it is not the way.  no human has the god given 'mark of cain (or Qaheenn)' or indeed gets excused. and in this way  nobody sets her or himself free.

the earth is our life line. our heart. our soul. and such manner hurts all...

"And what can I tell you, my brother, my killer, What can I possibly say?
I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you, I'm glad you stood in my way" cohen

great learning and great love can come from things that can feel uncomfortable... i think  the use of the word 'killer' by cohen here refers to him being hurt/taken from/broken down or taught...but not actually killed...


forgiveness is a funny idea, isn't it? I keep thinking of Nature as a Mother Goddess being the All-Forgiver- with capitals- the way that if we stopped using our scars of roads they would be healed up and grassed over in ten years... but the roads aren't as bad as the plastic, the half-life of plastic bags that only poets can forgive with their blessed "flowers of the desert" perceptions... but our social misdemeanors, challenges and learning processes are as gone as a photograph of a river.  

your words remind me that Blue-Eyed Jesus said "the Truth will set you free". The prison is illusion. With understanding comes the wisdom of forgiveness- beyond forgiveness- Nature HERSELF
"if we stopped using our scars of roads they would be healed up and grassed over in ten years..."
 all the scars we have made... i like the way you have put this...all the poison we've tipped in to landfill and oceans leaving the earth darkered and bruised and yes, as you say, given a different treatment, would heal up and reaturn to its original life and colour.  

actaully i really like the idea of plastic bags being the desserts roses, sinful as that might be...  i guess it just so sparse there and so empty that a plastic bag might almost be quite welcome, all massive and crunched up...
for me, nature neither forgives or holds back forgiveness. it just is and what that 'is' is forced and pushed and driven into different directions and forms... some of them being death. 
essentially, nature 'natrually' is pro-life but i'm not sure how nature feels when that life is threatended or taken completely away, do you?...

Wow this is nice, I think I disagree...I think Nature is pro "LIFE/DEATH" being a unified/unifying process, the opposite of which is EXISTENCE which is the resistance and fear of LIFE/DEATH...and that our mission of humans is to reject the lure of EXISTENCE  and become ourselves the pulse of LIFE/DEATH itself.  So I think by these terms you are describing EXISTENCE rather than Great Mother Nature...?  I wonder if I have written enough to be clear...I FEEL clear...XJes

but how does nature feel?  nature doesnt exsist in the realm of feeling?

it is natrual for us to feel and we are part of nature so yes nature feels.

this doesnt feel particualy useful as i can see that we are all part and product of each other... but in this time... in this moment.... a stone is different to us

a stone is the same as us.

why dont we go and feed it porridge then?

it is porridge, thats where porridge comes from.

om. limitless mystical silence

well yes indeed, and absolutley ... :)
clair X

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