9 May 2011

album cover, leonard cohen from 'songs of love and hate', 1971

CHAPTER TWO - Leonard Cohen

WEEK SEVEN. conversation by clair and jack



"Well, I see you there with the rose in your teeth, One more thin gypsy thief.  Well, I see Jane's awake, she sends her regards"  lenoard cohen

~ ~ ~

mmm...i always always thought that that line was, 'well i see janes 'away', not 'awake'...

what are gypsys to you? ... ive been feeling very much to move around more, especially in the cold...

such a big (and small) world...

whos the happiest in the world?

i think i like 'away' more than awake in that sentence
i like the relationship between 'away' and 'a way'

I cant remember the last time i spoke about gypsy's
someone referred to my mum as a gypsy the other day
I said she live's in a mobile home

the person who believes they are the happiest
maybe an animal or a tree
Happiness could be hell to someone else

thank you for your words.  me too, away. a way. not sure animals or trees 'believe'.  they simply 'are' and thats probably what allows them to be happy. 
indeed, the things that make some people happiest/freeeast are the things which make someone else the opposite.  its the way of looking at things and the way we look at things is both voluntary and involuntary. and one can move towards the other.  
what i'm looking for is a beautiful life. and when i look i can see my ability (and inability) to do that...

I think in some ways the human brain is too complex and clever, sometimes i wish i had a goldfishes memory,so that i could experience wonderful things, freshly again and again. 

From a different perspective memory and intelligence can be very Beautiful...
I'm happy as a human for now.
The secret is choosing which memories to focus on and not dwelling too much on the negative.
We've grown from so many experiences, many very positive ones, memories resting like shipwrecks in our subconscious oceans.
I do believe that negative experiences can generate much fuller happier experiences in contrast...

mmm yes,,, its all relative,,,and ive seen recently in my friend a very strong example of how a certain amount of difficulty is essential for growing as much as we can and being as full and compassionate as we can be... i gues too much difficulty could grind us down but as they say, where there's a break down theres a break through....

i have been feeling very content in recent days... a little bit loved and not lonely.  walking the streets just now i tracked down a smell that i associate nostalgecally with childhood times in spain...warmth...comfortable and tree like..

i have just thought...there is only one way that something can leave/exit and that it for it to arrive in the first place.  there is no exit without arrival...? 

I love it, when there's a sudden outbreak of hard rain in a forest or a park, and then the sun comes out. Theres a certain humidity, freshness in the air as the water starts to evaporate, everything's been hydrated.

Memories and smell can be so powerful, what about memories and taste?

When ever i eat an olive it reminds me of Spain, apparently i ate them like sweets. I lived in a small village in southern Spain for 2 yrs when i was 1.

What about if you enter through the exit? i did this in ikea a few months back, it was a bad idea...

Any other ways of experiencing something backwards? Mmm

pressing rewind would do it ;)
thanks jack...i enjoyed our writting
clair X

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