6 August 2012

CHAPTER FIVE  - inspiration taken from  'women who run with the wolves' by clarrisa estes.

WEEK TWO. conversation by clair and Paul

"...she will come, and if valued, she will stay..." Clarissa pinkola estes

~ ~ ~

hello paul,  this this taken from the middle of a paragraph...at first i felt to put it in context, but then, i felt to leave it just like this....  simple.      how does it make you feel?  

if she goes she will only go off to discover the value that was within her all along. And sometimes although the journey seems to take us nowhere (but back to where we started) that journey to discover that which in a sense we always knew, is the most powerful journey of all. As athletes compete to display their best in the current Olympic games sometimes what is the difference between a medal and losing is simply that knowledge, that condifence within, that you can indeed acheive anything !!!! And the most important person to value us is ourself !!!

Paul x

she will come and sit - physically invisable but emotionally deeply colourful and available.  if you can see her its a bit like seeing a ghost.  some people can and some people cant.  she is intuition. 

intuition gone back a long way.  before this western society, before water came running out of taps back to when we went walking to find it.

its badly sign posted now - that base style intuition.  and, as you say, searching will never find it.  only feeling will.

In the losing of our intuition we seem to have overshot the mark. We have indulged in everything to refind what we cannot put into words but it had to be that way. Like an exploration, we got lost without so finally having given up we can come within and find that inner place that we can really trust and that will never let us down !

are you saying that we have given up enough yet....enough to re-find our path?  ...or that we are still lost in the 'everything else'

 The time has to be now ! Now to discover who we really are ! Now to discover out true love ! Now to live our dreams and live fully !! There simply is no other moment !! It has to be now ! Come to the edge. Jump, Live, Fly !

 what kind of things are you jumping to/ in./over?... what is the most base thing are trying to do/feel/move?
i am so extremely tired that i am asleep, and by dreams have written this.

Into the abyss, the unknown, the womb of life ! Into our dreams, our hopes, into our fears ! INTO LIFE ! Its like we have been cocooned in a shell, protecting ourself from life through our conditioning and our comforts !! Now lets let go !! LETS LIVE BEFORE WE DIE !!!!

Thank you...are you not feeling to answer my question more specifically?  .... about you. ...?....your living before your diing?
  Well for me to live my life having lived it full out without anything left all my dreams either fullfilled or myself to be completely used up in moving towards them would be my aim. As someone once said theres plenty of time to sleep when you die but while alive live !! Live fully !! To live my dreams and live with passion !! And a bit like an Olympian be able to look back with fond memories knowing you have given it all and done your all !! Lived my life fully with passion !!

Thank you !!

nice work paul, i would like to be a fly on your wall .... ;) 

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