27 June 2011


WEEK THREE. conversation by clair and joe

"Open your hands,
if you want to be held.".

 ~ ~ ~

These two lines could be completly seperate together they work really well. But what if "Open your hands" is just another way of saying open your mind, i.e to touch things like rainfull at 2:30 in the morning while stood in your backgarden, while whistling "Paint it black" By the rolling stones. Lets face it everyone wants to be held!

every one wants to be held but can everyone allow themselves to be held or allow themselves to hold..?
...yes i think its another way of saying 'let love in'...and in its many forms...rainfall...deep dark winter nites or furry soft summer ones...

What if its meant to be a purely literate meaning, not wanting someone to hold you physically but to listen to what you have to say, and then giving advice and help verbally. Maybe Rumi thought that this would be to simplistic though and too obvious, meaning people would glide over the importance of the sentance untill they struck on something thought provoking.

i find that poets often speak as if from a place of knowing or absolute....like the poetic ideal here - to simply open your hands in order to be held...

im sure there is quite alot of truth in it and maybe in a more harmoniouss and emotionally healthy society such a simple and continual act might reep its' just rewards...

the question on my lips today is is  there enough love to go around ?  and i would like to ask a hundred people if they feel they are receiveng enough love.  and if not what the problem is...are our hearts in 'love drought'? ... has fear or hate got so heavily bound and woven in that love has muted, dried up or changed colour?

love is such and invisable thing...more so than other invisable things (like oxygen) . but my feeling is so long as there is this world/people/other animals and nature, the supply of love on this land should be unstoppable.......................................................................?

I think the reason you dont hear about love and passion as much as you do about hate and negtivity is the people dont buy newspapers for happiness. They buy them so their own mundane crap lives seem somewhat better. I have been with my wife since i was 16, im now 23, we have been married for 3 years this august and have a beautiful 4 month old girl called issabelle. Our lives are seemingly perfect weve not had to deal with tragedy or upset and so our outlook on life is allways positive. But as im in a band and write lyrics people will not want to hear about how lucky I am. So instead i look for the morose subjects that cross my path.
As for is there enough love to go around ponder this if you will, A billionaire who has only 2 months to live decided to re-write his will and leave his wealth to charitys and what not, 9 times out of 10 the family of the man would take court action against the will, they would try and angle at he wasnt in full controll of his brain as he was only a hares breath away from death when re-writing the will. These people would fight for years in the courts to ensure that the money they believe is their entitlement stays theirs.

that sounds like a very beautiful situation, you and your little family, and so where do you draw your moroseness for your lyric writting from!? and how does this work for you.....yes there seems to be a poetry in sadness...

When writing serious morose lyrics, I think up stories, like the song i have about a homeless man in the park, or my next door neighbours who argue. It works for me because i have a vivid imagination and can visulize how these people might feel.
Open your hands, if you want to be held,
close your eyes, if you dont want to see.

oh i see, yes its funny what the audience wants to hear....although i think with regard to the media, and especially the news, its often that bad stories can be 'more bad' than good stories can be good...for example where rape and murder score quite hightly on the bad scale, the opposites - birth and making love, though are pretty good for the people involved, and not really news worthy .. :) 

Well, Its the last day of correspondence, how should we draw this conversation to a close. I think we should go experimental, and do the following, i will write two lines of poetry and you write two lines, and so on untill we gedt to an end. Ill begin.

Time is on no ones side,
The hour glass is broke. 

let your hands and arms open freely
let the caged bird fly and see the love in her wings

do not question the reason why 
just take in the joy that freedom brings 
people make their own clothes for freedom
what is freedom for me is not for you
so freedom itself does not exsist
but in our minds eye.....?

thank you joe


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