20 March 2011

cover of book, stray birds R.Tagore (1916)

CHAPTER ONE - Rabindranath Tagore
WEEK TEN. conversation by clair and iain



Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees.   Tagore

                                                                            ~  ~  ~ 

this reminds me of how all emotion can be beautiful.  sorrow is 'hushed into peace'.
one of my little quests at the moment is to find a beautiful place for all emotions...anger, tiredness, loss...
recently i have found anger to be beautiful. anxiety is one that i have found harder to experience as such...

vigil in a still forest
frozen within the trees
time, events, balanced brick by brick
stepping blinkered and petrified aware
sorrow, fury, loss
from then, and ahead when will have to look upon
the people surrounding yet again

the frozen forest thaws out its arms and legs
and begins to grow summer clothes

a new morning creaking awake
a wood limb window at the edge of the forest
sun upon the sill, skirts and shirts,
settling evenings sorrow aside
and a wandering path ahead.. away

we have been having such beautiful weather, sunny every day, like its july...  i think this countries culture, and all cultures, are bent around the sun...all the winter each year keeping its people alone and inside...

forests are good examples.  they nearly die in winter.

rah and hazel alive
crisscrossing the trail ahead
summers journey
out into the open breeze and light
across swift meadows, gullied brooks and dreams
loss carved stairs in the hillsides
rucksacks of brick
with life, zipping in front and behind
bringing such smiles

'loss carved stairs in the hillside' a lovely line but reminds me
how humans give consciousness to nature.
when nature doesn't mind...
doesn't care or not care
it is perfect at being itself (without be concerned with being perfect)
and that self is not concerned with animal, house, garden, grief, happiness, loss, growth, giving or taking away.
it just is. again and again.
its so sunny again today, how we all love the sun, does it love us?
unrequited love
it was raining so much, how we started to dislike the grey and black rainclouds.
unrequited dislike...

some say that we are the earth
the awareness of nature
an expression of its self
and through us, it can see
through us it’s life could seed other worlds
through us it should be safe
but this problem of our grey and black rain clouds remains
the sun would surely love us
if it could see us throw off our overcast skies 
iain, i like this alot, totally badass...

iain can be found :

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