14 February 2011


cover of book, stray birds R.Tagore (1916)

CHAPTER ONE - Rabindranath Tagore
WEEK SIX. conversation by clair and alex



If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.  Tagore

~  ~  ~ 

mmm!  what do you reckon alex, because the sun is a star or am i being a little literal?

I think I'm going to be more literal. Too many tears in the eyes and you can't see anything. Don't cry over spilt celestials. No need. There's enough to go round (and around, and around, and around). No teary orbs orbit ours.

oh i see ;)  hows your valentines day been ... whats it all about and why is love so hard to find?

I spent St Val's finding different kinds of love to the one that's hard to find. They were everywhere, often inside me, pouring out, bounced back by the people around me.

I think 'society' likes to define certain things narrowly. It gives us things to pursue. Why that is I don't know. I guess maybe it takes up time we could spend changing society, but how does a collaborative structure have so many vested interests?

Happiness is the same. It can be hard to find and far away, or it can already be in your point of view. Every time you look at the sun and realise 'it's for you'. Or the stars. (Or the tears).

...i know there are many things to love and find love in it is true.

... me too sceptical of what society tells me to do, feel, eat and be motivated by, but this search for romantic love seems to be a true desire and drive of my own.  i find myself feeling very trustful of it.

in fact, when i look at society, i am possibly most in tune with society around relationships... for example that they are important, that people like to find another...  that they be monogamous...

I feel the same, I think, but lately I'm less trustful of it. I don't trust my truths, to be honest. Don't believe in them as solitary. There is not one truth, just multiples.

But I can say that shedding tears for the sun of loves lost, has made me missed the stars of all the world around me. There is a directness here. I've spent so much time longing for something specific and defined, that I never notice the wealth of similar but different brilliances all around me.

Many things look like this.

nicely said alex, absolutely.  i think part of societies training is the believe that we always need more (normally material).  its absolute madness and i too have been finding moments when i feel my self to have everything i can possibly need, and more. yum .)

That sounds like an ending.

an endding to the writting?

Responding. Conversing. Oddly you're in charge. Your game. Natural ends sometimes extend, naturally. Which way next? Whichever way it goes. Blinded by tears or not. Enigmatic mischief maybe.

 why dont we think about all the things that happen tomo which feel particulaly sparkely.
a sparkle diary :)
clair *

sparkle diary
~ shower today was particually good.  blind in bathroom down becuase of builders and thus soft artifical light from hall came in mimicing evening time.  the feeling of evening in the morning.
~ walking in sunshine...felt like the first time in many months. fresh, light and peaceful...
~ someone touched my hand while i was walking along with them,  that felt warm.

Blue eyed dog.

Sea sprinkled perpetual motion glitters to the right while golden cliffs stretch into the future to my left.

Turning back, the sun turns reds, sinking down into a cloud above the sea.
Behind, where I was before, the moon is a furred gold.

Stars and snow in the gritty cinema world. Poor horse.

lovely .)

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