24 January 2011

  cover of book, stray birds R.Tagore (1916)

CHAPTER ONE - Rabindranath Tagore
WEEK THREE. conversation by clair and charlie




The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.  R. tagore 

~  ~  ~

i am thinking how similar flowers are to human beings.  with their heads and their bodies and their arms and the way they blow around in the breeze. 

I am haunted by the shadow of what is not. In the fall of a dandy lion seed,  in a hand that touches skin no longer, I hold onto possibilities like melting water, and wonder, are we shaping fragments to suffocate love, or reaching closer to what makes us more than memory of an I or us?  It is too much to conceive that everything is as confused as me, that even a bee flies in torment from the sun.  At least a tree reveals our stillness. Kicking at fungi and leaves, I revel in undergrowth, run through thought.

what is confusion?...is it a reaction to what is pure and complete but which is just difficult to understand?...

as much as i myself try to understand, do things need to be understood?... do we need to understand all the processes of the body for our body to perform those functions perfectly? and if not then how helpful is that understanding? ...or is it just simply baffling?

animals are better at just being, following their wings and finding the right things! the bees probably especially!

thats what i think... though thought can be very beauty-flowered!

i think the ultimate moment is one where thought is no longer required, because it has created itself - but you have to get there through understanding and the sensation of experience, which is the hard bit. I'd rather be a bee then be me, until i think about it....

My mind's latch opens.  Unguarded at last the day retreats from urban defeat.  Heavy battalions of consciousness sink in the evening mud.  I gallop free, leaving my rucksack of thoughts and identity, a traitor from reason. If they catch me, will they shoot me with being?  I want to, want, to, do.  Once I knew how to make a kite, but now I fly. 

     ~   ~   ~

...winter got his spikes out again today...i soooooooooo wish i had got it together to go somewhere warmer... gosh! that would be like a dream!! an absolute delight!!! my body wouldnt know what had happened to her. away from his frostly footsteps and in a warm cosy land.    
mind you, how loved is janruary? no wonder he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bitter!!  would it help if i loved you? how quickly would you change?... does being warmer interest you?...i could feed you soya hot chocolate and sugar coated blueberries on toast until you lost your spikes or until they became a little rounder.  ....do you like the sound of it!?  
reply ASAP

there is such heavy superficiality under the sun. The glint of false surfaces, shaded eyes, sleeping meaning lost in cocktails and deckchairs. l love the chill of real frost, kissing with steamy breath, the ice and thaw of thoughts, the journey of darkness into spring dawn ahead. ...

charlie, if i ever catch you with you passport lined up in some que waiting to go somewhere hot i shall tell mr frost who will come swiftly into the airport and chop it up with his gigantic frosty scissors! 

~ ~ ~

there are lots of crazy sounds tonite coming from other peoples lives.  they let me in to their world a tiny fraction without knowing that i exsist or can hear them.  and i lay listening.

In the bath, blanking out voices of the day from people I don't really know, with commentary on a game I don't understand crackling from a black box, and I think of how a kiss dissolves everything between us.

how is your book on snogging coming along charlie? ... all the different receipes for different kinds of kisses... can you send one to the blog?  it would be nice to see :)

i'm in my hotel in exeter, room 101 funnily enough....the book has stalled a bit as i'm not sure it can be done without another artistic snogger collaborating ...but here is an example ...

A lays down face up on their back, and B lies chest down with their head raised above A so their face is on top of A with their nose places where A's chin is. As B begins to kiss A, opening out lips and sliding tongues into eachother's mouths, so the opposite facing tongues will be able to glide along their surface area and rub up and down as part of a deep kiss known affectionately as 'the cat'.  
Just one of 101 and more ways to re-connect through the meditation and art of kissing.

wow charlie, you really are something else!! @ * & :)

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